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Marcello Mazzoleni

Executive Chef

Born in northern California and raised all around the pacific northwest Marcello Mazzoleni started working in restaurants young. Starting out as a dish boy and delivery driver for a Greek/Italian restaurant in his home town of Eagle River, Alaska at age 16 he quickly learned he had a knack for the industry which came with no surprise. Raised by his hard working mother, a 35 year hospitality veteran and his father, an Italian immigrant with plenty of culinary skill and cultural influence, Marcello had a foundation for restaurants from the cradle. After moving back to California amidst his soul searching, adventurous life, he ended up as a butcher in The Fish Market restaurant and market. After taking his skill up the ladder he realized this field was more than a job and culinary school was the next step. After his time in San Francisco learning all he could, he ended up starting a family and working in various chef positions including Pacific Catch and Vue Grille & Bar. After becoming skilled in seasonal new american, and asian cuisines, Marcello decided to up root and move to Vegas where he tried his skills as a self employed meal prep chef and server/bartender where he met his current partners in La Cantine.