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Artisan Catering Package


Choose 7 options from any of our Chef Selection sandwich options.



Choose 7
LE MONTAGNE - baguette proscuitto cornichon raclette mustard
LE SAUCISSON SEC - baguette, saucisson, cornichon, raclette
CIABATTA CAPRESE - ciabatta, fresh mozarella, tomato, basil, white vinaigrette, sprouts
EIFFEL TOWER - double brioche, jambon de paris, bacon, swiss, dijon, cornichon
LE GRILL CHEESE - country sour bread, brie, and swiss
LE VEGGIE - ciabatta, avocado, grilled eggplant, roasted tomatoes, cucumber, pepper spread, olive jam
LE BBQ - ciabatta, bbq, chicken, pepperjack, red onion, avocado
LE PATE - baguette, duck liver pate, romain, cornichon
LE FLUME - ountry sour bread, bacon, proscuitto, avocado, lettuce, tomato, spicy paste
LE GARGANTUA - Dutch crunch jambon de paris, proscuitto, salami, pastrami cornichon,veggies, avocado
LE FRITADOR - Dutch Crunch, pastrami, bacon, swiss, fries, red onion, garlic confit poivre sauce
PASTRAMI RUEBEN - Grilled rye, pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss, poivre sauce
AMERICANA - Dutch Crunch, turkey, bacon, avocado, veggies, cream cheese, flame sauce
LE ROTI - Baguette, roast beef, proscuitto, swiss, veggies, honey onion jam dijon, garlic confit
FRENCH DIP - Baguette, pastrami, red onions, dijon, garlic, beef broth
LA BALLON - Dutch Crunch, Meatballs, Provolone, Marinara, garlic confit
CORDON BLEU - roasted chicken, county sour, ham, red onion, house pickles, bleu
BREAKFAST BOMB - sourdough, Eggs, ham, swiss, bacon, herbs, marinara

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