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Interested in owning a La Cantine franchise?

Love La Cantine so much you want to own one? With a strong support team to help ensure your success, you could get to work on opening one right away! With a bullet proof concept and flavor nobody turns away from, La Cantine provides the stability every business owner is looking for. It’s easy to get going, fun to operate, and the tools needed to train and manage your team are already built. When opening a La Cantine you join a team of culinary and business professionals. With over 30 years in combined restaurant experience, we have developed a solid menu influenced by classic French cuisine and modern California farm fresh food. With almost everything made in house we are packed with flavor and serving not just the educated palate but everyone looking for something simple and fast. Introducing our version of a Buddha bowl will attract the trending health conscious clientele we see more and more throughout the U.S. These hardy bowls can be vegan, are packed with nutrients,  made from all fresh ingredients and will leave you satisfied and energized. 

          Vincent Sinard, Richard Terzaghi, and Marcello Mazzoleni are ready to show the world that French American fast casual can please all crowds and create a community based hot spot that has limitless growth. 

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