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Have you ever been to France? Our ideas behind food, atmosphere, and hospitality come from a classic French inspiration and share a modern liberal use of ingredients to create a fresh flavor that you can’t walk away from. La Cantine fits in somewhere between fast casual dining and French bistro and is defined by the ability to experience something great whether your here for 3 minutes or 3 hours. It’s up to you! We still provide a quick and delicious meal for the passerby but if you prefer to slow it down a bit, why not hang out and enjoy the ambience and hospitality. 

                  Almost all La Cantine Cuisine is prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients and of course, built to your liking. Charcuterie artisan meats and fresh bread being huge core values in our menu, there is no way you can compare us to your average local delicatessen. We really pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our guests and  there are very few requests we will turn down. In this industry satisfaction is never a guarantee, but something we do understand is the importance of flexibility and consistency. Whether you like it saucy and spicy, light and nutritious, or keep it simple and easy, you have to try it out! 

Our Team